Benjamin Schieder


These are some patches for SLASH’EM which you might find enjoyable.


The simplemail patch is commonly used in conjunction with dgamelaunch, as used by the and servers.

To use it, apply the patch and #define SIMPLE_MAIL in config.h, the rest will be handled by dgamelaunch.


Sortloot helps you finding your way through your inventory by sorting it alphabetically.

You can switch the behaviour runtime:

  • don’t sort. Will use the original sorting by inventory letter

  • sort loot. Will only sort loot, not inventory

  • sort all. Will sort loot and inventory






This patch adds the Jedi class to SLASH’EM and fixes a few bugs that were also reported upstream.

Jedi can be of race Human, Elf or Hobbit and are always lawful. They start with a robe, a pair of leather gloves and either a red, a green or a blue lightsaber. Also they have a 50% chance of getting a blindfold.

Jedi start stealthy, gain telepathy at level 3, see invisible at level 5 and speed at level 7.

Every Jedi can do the Jedi Jump, channeling the force to jump forward like a level tech_level/5+1 spell. This technique is reusable after 50 turns and uses up 25 energy.

At experience level 5 they gain the charge saber skill.

Using this skill they can recharge their lightsaber for u.uen*(techlevel/10+1) turns. If they are at least techlevel 10 they have a 20% chance of channelling the force perfectly into the saber, thus giving it an additional 1500 turns.

At experience level 8 they get the telekinesis skill.

Using this skill they can pick up remote objects, disarm certain traps and spring other traps. This technique is reusable after 250 turns. The trap/object must be seen to use this skill.

A Jedi following the Light Side of the Force must not attack a peaceful monster or be punished for -1 alignment.

Also, fighting with a lightsaber needs maneuverability which all armor except robes hinder for -20 hit penalty.

A Jedi can also use the force to throw and regain his lightsaber in exchange for 5 energy points.

On the quest, the Jedi will meet the Jedi Master who tells him of a war between Lord Sidious and the Jedi over the Lightsaber Prototype, a lightsaber powered by the Force itself thus never running out of power. The Jedi must then fight along some of his fellow Jedi against the stormtroopers and Lord Sidious himself to gain possession of this powerful artifact which can even reflect beam attacks!

Also, a skilled Jedi with an activated lightsaber can dodge missiles fired at him (though not reflect them).