Benjamin Schieder


The Flea

Flea The flea is just an escape pod with wings and an engine. Unless you need to go someplace really far really soon, you probably won’t be found flying one of these.

Size Cargo bays Range Hull Weapons Shields Gadgets Quarters
Tiny 10 20 parsecs 25 0 0 0 1

The Gnat

Gnat The Gnat has been decommissioned a decade ago, but there’s still lots of them available second-hand. Even though it has a much sturdier hull than the Flea as well as limited self-defense capabilities, its small matter-antimatter-reactor is incapable of powering any kind of shield.

|Size |Cargo bays|Range |Hull|Weapons|Shields|Gadgets|Quarters| |—-:|———:|———:|—:|——:|——:|——:|——-:| |Small| 15|14 parsecs| 100| 1| 0| 1| 1|

The Firefly

Firefly The Firefly was the first commercially available spaceship carrying a shield and its bulky design creates room for no less than 20 cargo bays. These two major advantages have made it an instant hit among the Trading class.

|Size |Cargo bays|Range |Hull|Weapons|Shields|Gadgets|Quarters| |—-:|———:|———:|—:|——:|——:|——:|——-:| |Small| 20|17 parsecs| 100| 1| 1| 1| 1|

The Mosquito

Mosquito Self-defense capable as well as strong enough to power a shield, the Mosquito is being liked by Traders and small-fly Pirates alike.

|Size |Cargo bays|Range |Hull|Weapons|Shields|Gadgets|Quarters| |—-:|———:|———:|—:|——:|——:|——:|——-:| |Small| 15|13 parsecs| 100| 2| 1| 1| 1|

The Bumblebee

Bumblebee When intergalactic politicians travel, they demand a certain level of security and comfort. The Bumblebee offers both while still having an aesthetic design. Its double shield capacity offers security, while a second quarter for a Pilot offers the comfort.

|Size |Cargo bays|Range |Hull|Weapons|Shields|Gadgets|Quarters| |—–:|———:|———:|—:|——:|——:|——:|——-:| |Medium| 25|15 parsecs| 100| 1| 2| 2| 2|

The Beetle

Beetle Originally designed for Search-And-Rescue missions as well as support deliveries by the intergalactic Red Cross, the Beetle has made decent sales with Traders active in high-capacity trading.

|Size |Cargo bays|Range |Hull|Weapons|Shields|Gadgets|Quarters| |—–:|———:|———:|—:|——:|——:|——:|——-:| |Medium| 50|14 parsecs| 50| 0| 1| 1| 3|

The Hornet

Hornet Designed by and for military use, the Hornet is the bane of small-scale smugglers trying to cross intergalactic borders in a Gnat.

|Size |Cargo bays|Range |Hull|Weapons|Shields|Gadgets|Quarters| |—–:|———:|———:|—:|——:|——:|——:|——-:| |Large | 20|16 parsecs| 150| 3| 2| 1| 2|

The Grasshopper

Grasshopper Neither a warship nor having near as much cargo space as the Beetle or the Termite, the Grasshopper is usually just a stepping stone for Pirates, Traders and Headhunters alike.

|Size |Cargo bays|Range |Hull|Weapons|Shields|Gadgets|Quarters| |—–:|———:|———:|—:|——:|——:|——:|——-:| |Large | 30|15 parsecs| 150| 2| 2| 3| 3|

The Termite

Termite Extremely bulky, with lots of cargo space, well shielded and limited self defense, the Termite is THE ship for the seasoned Trader.

|Size |Cargo bays|Range |Hull|Weapons|Shields|Gadgets|Quarters| |—–:|———:|———:|—:|——:|——:|——:|——-:| |Large | 60|13 parsecs| 200| 1| 3| 2| 3|

The Wasp

Wasp Huge. Armed. Deadly. If you need something that says “Fire and Destruction” with every inch of its existance, you need the Wasp.

Size Cargo bays Range Hull Weapons Shields Gadgets Quarters
Huge 35 14 parsecs 200 3 2 2 3