Benjamin Schieder


Read power delivered to grid on an SCB Kostal energy meter

08 Mar 2023 | Read more... | comments

Another entry in my HomeAssistant posts. I now have a photovoltaic installation on my roof and as it is getting sunnier I have finally started delivering surplus energy to the grid. Unfortunately, the Kostal inverter does not provide that information, and I do not have a smart energy meter with...

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Reading power consumption on an LK13BE with Tasmota and Home Assistant

12 Jul 2022 | Read more... | comments

I still use HomeAssistant to monitor and automate my house, from presence of anyone, to the status of my 3DPrinter to temperature and whatnot. Recently I wanted to add monitoring of my power consumption to the mix. Should be easy, right? Yeah, right…. First off, I have an LK13BE power...

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Daily Steps Counter with Home Assistant

13 Mar 2022 | Read more... | comments

I use Home Assistant to monitor and automated things around my house. When my ViFit connect step counter broke a few years ago (it was literally run over by a car) I was left without a step counter. Recently I found out that Home Assistant’s Android app also reported the...

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Forbid websites from stealing your keyboard shortcuts

07 Feb 2022 | Read more... | comments

This is something that infuriates me so much: Your website is NOT entitled to my keyboard shortcuts! If you think it is, you’re WRONG! I’m especially talking about Ctrl-T, Ctrl-K, /, Ctrl-W (especially!). You! Are! Not! Entitled! To! These! Unfortunately, Firefox allows this by default, which is stupid in itself....

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Project Zomboid Map status

30 Jan 2022 | Read more... | comments

I am aware of the current issues surrounding the Project Zomboid Map. The POI backend has to be rewritten completely as I was stupid enough to think that Ruby-on-Rails was a good choice for a backend back then. Unfortunately, it won’t even start up anymore today without so much as...

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