Benjamin Schieder


Daily Steps Counter with Home Assistant

13 Mar 2022 | Read more... | 0 comments

I use Home Assistant to monitor and automated things around my house. When my ViFit connect step counter broke a few years ago (it was literally run over by a car) I was left without a step counter. Recently I found out that Home Assistant’s Android app also reported the...

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Forbid websites from stealing your keyboard shortcuts

07 Feb 2022 | Read more... | 0 comments

This is something that infuriates me so much: Your website is NOT entitled to my keyboard shortcuts! If you think it is, you’re WRONG! I’m especially talking about Ctrl-T, Ctrl-K, /, Ctrl-W (especially!). You! Are! Not! Entitled! To! These! Unfortunately, Firefox allows this by default, which is stupid in itself....

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Project Zomboid Map status

30 Jan 2022 | Read more... | 4 comments

I am aware of the current issues surrounding the Project Zomboid Map. The POI backend has to be rewritten completely as I was stupid enough to think that Ruby-on-Rails was a good choice for a backend back then. Unfortunately, it won’t even start up anymore today without so much as...

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Experiment: Google free Android usage

03 Jun 2019 | Read more... | 0 comments

I’m gearing up for an experiment: I want to use my Android phone without GApps. Completely without. That also means no installing applications from Google Play, no cheating via Titanium Backup. Sideloading is allowed iff the application has an official download on its own website. Other allowed sources: F-Droid, Humble...

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Crude Makefile hack

21 Jan 2019 | Read more... | 0 comments

After trying for a while to get all the Makefile special characters encoded for a bash command to run, I’ve finally given up. I’m doing this now: Before (random example, much worse lines in there): map_files/19/0_42.png: bash -c 'convert xc:transparent -background transparent -page +0+0 map_files/20/0_84.png $$( [ -e map_files/20/1_84.png ]...

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