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2022 January 30 | 4 comments

I am aware of the current issues surrounding the Project Zomboid Map. The POI backend has to be rewritten completely as I was stupid enough to think that Ruby-on-Rails was a good choice for a backend back then. Unfortunately, it won’t even start up anymore today without so much as a usable error message. I have no idea why it stopped working, or how to update a RoR project dependency or how even to install it anymore as there seem to bbe umpteen different installers required even to get the environment variables set up correctly. Whatever happened to good old config files (Yes, I’m getting old, thankyouverymuch).

I’ve been busy rewriting the POI backend in PHP and progress is good. I’m able to submit and approve/decline POIs, create updated overlay.json files on the fly and can continue using the legacy database without losing any data in it. Remaining work to be done is user registration, self-service password resets, email verification and everything surrounding user management. Not simple, but not the bulk of work either.

Unfortunately, a COVID-19 infection that’s currently running its course through my family has stopped development of this for the last three weeks and I expect it to take another two weeks before I can resume work.

Thank you for your understanding.

Update: By popular request, the old POI Manager written in RoR is available on my gitlab instance. Yes, 2FA is enabled on my account, don’t even bother. No, you can’t have an account on it.


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From: pit
2022-02-02 18:29

cool map, i take it this is why no location ever gets correctly shown with the map. hope to see it fixed soon!

From: teodoro
2022-02-03 22:51

is the poi manager writen in RoR public ? i wanna see how it was made and try to fix it.

From: rudie
2022-01-30 15:48

Is it open source? Can we help/request/submit PRs?

From: Brian Moran
2022-01-30 15:55

Thanks for providing such a fantastic tool for those of us who get lost in the back garden. Hope you and your family get well soon. Take care.

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