Benjamin Schieder


2016 August 02

On Saturday I started playing Pokemon GO with my nephew. He is 9 years old and a huge Pokemon fan. In theory, this is a good idea, I like video games, he likes Pokemon and he definately needs supervision during gameplay so he doesn’t run into anything from trees to cars.

It worked out surprisingly well at the beginning. We caught a few of the little pocket monsters, had a ton of Pokestops around which we went from one to the next and generally had a good time.

Until we hit level 5.

I think everyone playing knows what’s coming next: Gyms with CP 2500 pokemons. Literally every single one. Every Pokemon Gym in reach was occupied by Pokemon waaaay beyond what we both could hope to achieve. Why can’t we achieve that?
Our Pokemon have about 5% those CP. My strongest one has 175. I can’t power them up more because my Trainer level is 5. My nephew and I would need to grind for WEEKS to get to that level. Mind that we have maybe one or two days a week at most where we could play for as many hours.

So that’s basically the end of Pokemon GO for us after 2 hours of gameplay.

Unless, dear Game Designers at Niantic, please check this suggestion: Make Pokemon Gyms leveled / instanced. Literally every other big MMO game does it in one way or another. My personal suggestion is to make Pokemon Gyms leveled. So Trainers at levels 5-10, 11-15, 16-20, etc. all have their own gyms. And they could only place Pokemon there that also satisfy that level cap so you can’t just get a CP 2500 Pokemon from a level 100 (or whatever the cap is, I’ll never know) Trainer and block it for yourself. That way, Pokemon would actually be fun for my nephew and me.

Please consider it.


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