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2015 November 10

I’ve been to SuSECon 2015 last week. After a few problems with their website (link to agenda not showing up) which got resolved with the help of a friendly Support Engineer I actually enjoyed my stay there despite it looking like a “Hey look how cool and hip we are” event to me.

I attended a few good seesions there about Docker and Ceph and got in contact with Balabit, CyberARK and LinBit there as well as took - and passed - my SuSE CLA 11 exam. The LPIC 101 and 102 exams will take a bit until I get an answer because they were made on paper. Linux exams. On paper. In 2015.

Back on your seat?

So, regarding Docker, it feels to me like an evolutionary step up from Solaris Zones, to be honest. It doesn’t feel like the revolution it seems to be hyped to, but a good, solid concept.
Obviously, you will still need to know what an OS needs in order to build a good docker container. Just tacking on an application to an existing SLES12 container works, but I wouldn’t consider it good form.

Ceph look really interesting to me, especially considering the increase in storage demand.

Kernel Live Patching. What should I say about that… It’s something we’ve done in the “Buergernetz Ingolstadt” around 2000 already. I guess it’s nice that you CAN do it, but if you depend on a system producing 100% uptime you seriously need to rethink your environment.

So, would I attend SuSECon again? If it’s in Europe, probably. But certainly wouldn’t travel to another continent for it.


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