Benjamin Schieder


2015 May 18

As mentioned before, I am working on fiddling out the protocol and how-to read/write data from/to a MediSana ViFit Connect Pedometer.

Today, I finally figured out how data is being retrieved. First, when you request data, you get 96 datasets back. This translates to 96 quarter hours, starting at 00:00 and ending at 23:45. One like looks like this:

Notification handle = 0x0038 value: 43 f0 15 04 29 1c 00 2b 01 46 00 04 00 00 00 07

In this line, we need:

  • 15 04 29
    Funny enough, this is the date. Even though it’s a hex value, it’s a decimal(!) representation of the date. This line is from April 29, 2015.
  • 1c
    This is the 1c’th (1c hex to decimal is 28, plus 1 (zero-indexed) gives 29th) quarter hour of the day. So the time from 06:00:00 to 06:14:59 AM.
  • 46 00
    This is the amount of steps taken in this 15 minute period, in hex and reverse byte order. So first we revert this into 00 46 and then convert it to decimal and get 70.
    So in this 15 minute period I took 70 steps. This isn’t suprising as I was waiting for my train at the time.

I have as of yet no idea about the rest of the fields. But for me, that’s enough for now to work with.


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