Benjamin Schieder


2015 March 03

Some updates on what I’m currently up to (hint: it’s not no-good).

I’m pretty happily active on my Tiny automated version checker for Project Zomboid, having just released v0.4.0 with a bit tweaked UI.

Now that Project Zomboids Early Access Build 31 has hit the public release, I’ll need to re-visit my Dirty Water and Saltwater mods, as the dirty water functionality is now part of vanilla PZ.

Not to forget, I’m still working on the Project Zomboid Map Project, having just bundled a new set of torrents for offline usage.

I’ll readily admit that I’m pretty lazy about RCMCardDAV and I do feel a bit bad about it. That projects deserves way more attention, but I just can’t muster it at the moment. Sorry.

I’ve also just got the very first issue filed in blindRSS. Pretty cool, as this means that the install-base has doubled (to 2 installations)!

That’s it for now, nothing exciting about it, but I’m still on it.


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Tags: projectzomboid rcmcarddav rant