Benjamin Schieder


2015 January 07

This years’ post-vacation re-entry is really hard.
After sleeping in until somewhen between 8 and 10, I gotta get up on Monday mornings at 04:30 again to travel halfway across the country to the customers site, then spend 32 hours on its premises over 4 days and travel back home, only to be at another customers site for another 8 hours on Friday. I can already feel the overtime towering up again.

And somewhen between getting back home on Thursday night and leaving again on Monday early morning I’m trying to shove in family, health, friends, R&R and hobbies. If anyone’s got a hint on how to achieve this which still retaining sanity, drop me a note.

Right now, I’m trying to get back into the day-to-day habits. Getting up from hotel beds, breakfast, work, getting back to the hotel, do some hotel-room workout, grab something to eat, go to sleep, repeat. Just getting back to that routine is pretty difficult right now.

Anyone else having these problems?


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