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2014 December 31

Addendum to below post: after proof-reading it, I noticed that it sounds a lot whinier than it was intended to be. No, I’m not depressed, no, everything is not fine, but yes, everything that matters is fine, thanks :-)

Sorry if I disappointed you this year.

This means, if I disappointed you with my work on one of my projects like RCMCardDAV, Android Space Trader or the PZ Map Project.
This year I’ve started a new job that requires me to travel about 500 km to another city every week from Monday through Thursday. That’s totally putting a cap on motivation to get things done. I usually get back into the hotel at around 7 or 8 PM, eat something and then stare off onto the wall for an hour-or-so until my mind stops running circles around the day.

That’s not to say I don’t like the job. It’s actually pretty cool! But if it were within - say - a 30-60 minute commute, that’d be totally great! I wouldn’t have lost pretty much my entire social network in and around Berlin (besides my family, they’re cool people!), either. Sorry to you people, I miss you!

I honestly don’t want to continue disappointing, but I’m not making promises either. 4 hour commutes, 12 hour days and tiny rooms in cheap hotels don’t make for much motivation. If you live in Frankfurt (Main), Germany, and want to meet up, gimme a shout. I will do my very best :-)


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