Benjamin Schieder


2014 June 04

I’ve recently come to the realisation that I’m running way too many services that take up a non-trivial amount of time. Also, they are no longer really of enough interest to me to warrant the maintenance effort, not even speaking of developing them any further.

Because of this I want to either migrate these services to other people or shut them down completely. If anyone of you has interest in taking over any of the following services provided by me, drop me a line:

  • the SLASH’EM game server running at
  • the nethack themed IdleRPG running at

Actually, for the moment it’s only these two. It pains me to see them withering away and me not doing enough to keep them going.

UPDATE The migration is cancelled. There are mailaddresses and not-quite-securely-encrypted passwords in the user databases which I don’t want to ‘distribute’ around. Thanks for everyones interest anyway!


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Tags: service shutdown slashem