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2013 September 30 | 0 comments

Today the Project Zomboid Map Project has reached a major milestone:
44% of the playing field have been mapped in high quality. That means 4000x4000 squares out of a total of 6000x6000 squares making up the current playing field.

If this doesn’t mean anything to your imagination, check it out for yourself. Or how RoboMat put it: Google Earth has called. They want their map back.

The map consists of 56993 screenshots out of a total of 104573 screenshots taken over the course of four months.

Special thanks go out to:

  • Raspu
    Who mapped the northern camping ground.
  • GammelNoob
    Who mapped northern Muldraugh, the cabin in the woods, the train station and its tracks, lots and lots of road and the northwestern trailer park.
  • Szary_Optymista
    Who submitted 4 huge and highquality images of central Muldraugh, the farm and the area west of Muldraugh.
  • Miva
    Who mapped the streets to the south west.
  • Kruppski77
    Who submited over 1500 screenshots of various areas all over the map.

And of course

  • The Indie Stone
    The authors of Project Zomboid. Without them this map would literally not exist ;-)
  • My wife
    For supplying enough coffee to continue!


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