Benjamin Schieder


2013 March 28

After several years of running on snownews, I have now moved this site to jekyllrb. The reason is that I never quite got around to inspecting the snownews code for weaknesses and its bad code style (markup mixed with code) never alluded to me. Why did I use it in the first place, then? Because it was easy to use and easy to set up. Now, several years later, I find jekyll to offer the same. I find it even easier to use, as I can actually write my entries with my favorite editor and not lose an entire article because I wanted to delete the last word with ^W.

I also wrote no less than exactly 400 RewriteRules so that all the old URLs continue to work. Still, please update your feedreader to point to /rss.xml in the future to save us both one HTTP 301.


Category: blog

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