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2013 February 19 | 0 comments

Seems like the Qt people were too lazy to implement renderText with OpenGL/ES. All you get is an error message saying that this function is not implemented. Great work, people. Not.

Luckily, someone named Bradley A. Smith wrote an overload for this function so that you can simply dump these two files into your project and compile it. THAT is great work! And should obviously be part of Qt itself, but... oh well.

Get Text.cpp and Text.h, adapt the calls to renderText a bit, and be happy!

mi::opengl::Text *t;
#define renderText(x, y, unknown, s, f) { t = new mi::opengl::Text(f); t->renderText(x, y, s); delete t) }

I compiled pianobooster with it and it worked fine.


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