Benjamin Schieder


2012 March 28

I've been using ownCloud 3 for a few weeks now and unfortunately it is still lacking many features that one would expect.

By far the smallest gripe I have with it is the lack for HTTP Range requests.
Say you have a file in there that is several GB in size and want to download it. The download breaks near the end for one reason or another.
With plain HTTP or even with Apache's built-in WebDAV module you could simply download the remaining part that did not get downloaded. With ownCloud you have to start from the beginning.

Full Disclosure for the seconde one: I'm authoring a carddav-plugin for roundcubemail!
The second, somewhat bigger problem is the CardDAV implementation.
It does not support DAV:sync-collection which would make it much easier to synchronise with practically anything else.

The third is IMO a really big one:
ownCloud does not support /.well-known/carddav and /.well-known/caldav as per RFC 5785 in connection with this draft (yes, draft-only, but it's not a big deal now, is it?).

Lastly there's an interface missing feature that should really be in there:
I can share files with other users or the general public just fine. Why not addressbooks and calendars and calendar entries? Why can't I say "invite user X to this event"?

These might seem as small problems to others, but it makes me think:
Shouldn't they rather focus on making a good UI to existing WebDAV (Apache), CardDAV and CalDAV (DAViCal) servers instead of rolling their own?
Probably not, but I hope that the next release will be the first I can show to some less technically inclined people.


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