Benjamin Schieder


2009 August 15

Using SHR and bluetooth I recently transferred some files from my old mobile phone to my FreeRunner. At the moment it's a bit tricky but worked just fine.

First I installed the obexpush package. Unfortunately, there's a small bug in it, so you have to create the directory /var/obexpush manually or edit /etc/defaults/opd and point to another directory where you want the files downloaded to.
Note: Changing the path obviously necessitates a restart of opd. For some reason opd is broken enough not to react to SIGINT (ordinary kill), so you have to manually killall -9 odp.

After that you need to bond your old phone with your FreeRunner. I used the simple-agent script from bluez:

root# hcitool hci0 scan
K810i 00:11:22:33:44:55
root# ./simple-agent hci0 00:11:22:33:44:55
...some output...
Enter PIN: 01234567
(Now enter the same PIN on your old phone)
Bonding complete.

Now you can use your old phones interface to send files over Bluetooth to your FreeRunner. Here, opd is broken again, as you can only send files once and then have to restart opd. killall -9 opd and start over. Hope your phone has functionality to send more than one file at a time.


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