Benjamin Schieder


2009 February 26

A short question to the customer support at Targus:

Dear Sir or Madam.

About 5 years ago I bought a TSB312-002 in the online shop "" and was very happy with it ever since.
It accompanied me to Austria, Italy, Switzerland, Turkmenistan, Indonesia, Tanzania, USA and Morocco.
It still is in great condition, even though wear and tear HAVE left some marks on it.
I wanted to buy a new one today and found out that no new ones seem to be manufactured.

What is the official next model to the TSB312-002?

The backpack served me well for almost six years every day now and I'd really like a new one like. The sheer volume of stuff you can put in, the bottle holders, laptop compartment, small side compartments, front compartment and top compartment have all been in regular use.
Unfortunately, one sidebag has a hole in it by now leading into the main compartment and one string to fixate the bottles is broken. The plastic holders for the breast and waist strip are broken, too, but the rest is still in mint condition, considering its age.

If you can point me to another backpack with a similiar design and volume, I'd really appreciate it!

Kind regards,
Benjamin Schieder

UPDATE 2009-03-03:
Here's the answer from Targus:

There is no direct successor to this particular model.

Well, shit :-(


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