Benjamin Schieder


2008 November 13

I just released V0.3 of blindRSS, the single-user, browser-based RSS reader.

New Features:
- resize height of feedlist and content according to browserwindow size
- feeds can be put into different categories of (theoretical) infinite depth for better organisation
- database has been changed to allow for a much faster download of feed content

- syntax error fixed

Open issues:
- Firefox 3.0.3 and (probably) newer have an option called layout.scrollbar.side that's only available in about:config. The default value ignores all dir='ltr' and dir='rtl' so that the scrollbar is always on the right if the userinterface language is one that writes left-to-right and on the left if it's a language writing right-to-left. This sucks. You have to change layout.scrollbar.side to a value of 1 or the scrollbars will be on the wrong side. Suggested fix: Put all FireFox developers into a big cage and shoot some beans into it. Won't hit anyone who doesn't deserve it.


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Tags: Tech