Benjamin Schieder


2008 June 17

So I finally found some decent food in the US and regret leaving my motorbike gear at home.
They actually have these things called 'bakery' where you can buy actual bread. Bread as in you have to actually chew it and can't compress it to 1% of its volume and it goes back to how it was before.
I've also been to Neah Bay which is about the most Northwestern edge of the US that I could reach here.

During the weekend I've been whale watching just off Anacortes. We've seen some J-pod whales who also starred in the opening scenes of "Free Willy". From the same film, we've seen the island with the tree on it where some scenes where shot.
Yeah, not too spectacular, but something to see anyway :-)

Spectacular is this, though:

Seems like a Cisco dying after a few minutes of uptime and the rest then throwing my traffic around until the TTL has run out.


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