Benjamin Schieder


2008 June 11

Breakfast in the US means: If you have to chew it, you're doing it wrong.

At least that's the impression I get at the hotel. There's things that _look_ like toast, and a thing that _looks_ like a toaster. But the result isn't toasty, just warm and still could be pulled through a straw. Also, it's sweet.
Speaking of sweet. There's sugar-replacement that brands itself as "Zero Calories" and made of "fructose". Go figure.
Food is strange here anyway. Things like vegetables and sausages are... rare, to say the least. There's a shopping mall here in Redmond that I'm told is THE big exception to the rule. And even then there was frozen pizza in the "Fresh vegetables" fridge.
Anyway, I actually found some bread that you can _chew_ instead of drink. And some salami pieces that have a taste. I even found a 12-pack Becks :D
The prices here still bring tears to my eyes. 199 USD for a Barbeque Grill that'll cost about 600 EUR back in Germany. Too bad it won't fit into my luggage.

So, I guess I'll be doing some shopping later today or tomorrow.


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