Benjamin Schieder


2008 June 10

It's now 5:49 AM local time here in... well, I'm not sure. I landed in Seattle yesterday evening, then I was picked up by Claudia, a co-worker, and she took me to Bellevue which is supposed to be near Redmond. Your guess is as good as mine.

Well, I've heard all the scary things about crossing the US Border, from being denied and put back on the next plane to being shot on sight or deported straight to Guantanamo Bay. Luckily, nothing like that happened.
I've just been asked "What's the nature of your stay?" - "Business travel." - "Oh, what company? Microsoft?" - "No, Nokia Siemens Networks." - "Ah, alright. Just write down the address of your hotel here." - *scribble* *scribble* *have fingerprints and photo taken* - "Have a nice stay in the US, Sir." - "Thank you."

And that's it. Sadly, they damaged my new Samsonite on the airport, but that's about the worst that happened so far.


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