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2007 August 28

Ich mach das ja eher selten, mich ueber die Terrorpolitik und Aehnliches hier oeffentlich auslassen. Man will ja nich auf der Terrorverdaechtigenliste landen oder gar in Deutsch-Guantanamo.
Aber diese Idee finde ich einfach klasse.

Es geht darum, dass mal wieder eine Mauer ein Zaun errichtet werden soll. Diesmal in Sydney, anlaesslich des Kriegstreibers US-Praesidenten George W. Bush. Der Deputy Lord Mayor (ich glaube, das ist sowas wie der stellvertretende Oberbuergermeister, Korrekturen bitte melden) hat da ein paar schoene Saetze zur Mauer zum Zaun gesagt:

"This is the kind of stuff you see in despotic regimes. This is fearmongering, right-wing, red neck stuff that's being [exported] out of America [and] I think we should distance ourselves from it as far as we can.

"We're forcing the citizens of Sydney, the businesses that operate in the city, to forego hundreds of millions of dollars in business to protect one bloke. I just think this is extraordinary.

"So first of all we're asking that council acknowledge that and then the second thing I'm asking council to do is to demonstrate to our citizens how we feel by putting a banner up on Town Hall that says very simply, 'Cage Bush, not Sydney'."
"George Bush is the one that has carried on this, and started this war on terrorism and basically... tried to turn democratic societies into fearful places,"

Die Lord Mayor (Oberbuergermeisterin) Clover Moore sieht dagegen die Fuehrer der Nationen als Opfer:
And [Lord Deputy Clover Moore] says regrettably, most of the security in place for APEC is necessary in an era of global terrorism.

"It seems that it is and I think it's really regrettable," she said.

"I think the days [are gone] when world leaders were greeted by welcoming motorcade, happy faces on the street waving flags and welcoming our visitors - that's the approach I'd much prefer."

Frau Moore: Raten sie doch mal, wer den Streit mit den "Terroristen" vom Zaun gebrochen hat.

Cage Bush, not Sydney!


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