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2007 July 06

Folgende Mail habe ich gerade an or-talk, der Tor Mailingliste geschickt:

From Fri Jul 6 18:50:32 2007
Date: Fri, 6 Jul 2007 18:50:08 +0200
From: Benjamin Schieder <>
Subject: End of ROCKate soon
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Hi people.

In response to a law that passed the german legislative today, I will cease
production, development and distribution of ROCKate binaries and - maybe -
even source code soon.
The reasen is §202c StGB which states (IANAL translation):

"Producing, acquiring, selling, giving, distributing or making-accessible of
passwords or other access codes as well as computer programs whose aim it is
to commi a crime ... will be punished with up to one year in jail or a fine."

See also:

Basically, these waters are too hot for me to tread in. Though the official
reading of the wall - reading from politicians that is - says that they only
target 'criminals' and there is no need to worry with the wording, nobody
knows when some underworked lawyer thinks he might go on to sue the ass off
of everyone in IT.

If someone wants to mirror/host/develop ROCKate further, be my guest. If you
need technical assistance, I can offer guidance, but I probably won't write
a single line of code anymore. Sorry.

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