Benjamin Schieder


2007 April 03

Today marks the release of ROCKate Version 0.1 "Ignition" to the general public. ROCKate is a GNU/Linux LiveCD with the icewm Window Manager, the dillo Webbrowser and everything pre-configured to be routed through the Tor network.

ROCKate comes in four version:

  • ROCKate Small
    Contains only the bare minimum to run all features. Currently weighs 48 MB and fits on a visitcard sized CD-R.
  • ROCKate Medium
    Contains all packages that all necessary files belong to. Easier to create for the maintainer (me), but weighing 120 MB.
  • ROCKate Large
    Just contains all packages, but no documentation or development files. This is the basis to work on for changing things. Weighs around 200 MB.
  • ROCKate Ultimate
    This contains everything including documentatian and development files. Weighs 250 MB.

There's no website or anything yet, so this is the official announcement to the world :-)

You can find torrents of the iso images on the website which also launched today.


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