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2006 December 19 | 2 comments

When you're on vacation, the most intriguing ideas storm your head. Like accelerating/decelerating a car with electromagnetism.

I got that idea while driving today and hearing my brakes in front of a traffic light. Also, I recently read about the Large Hadron Collider on Slashdot.
These two things gave me the idea about braking a car with electromagnets. This would cut down on having to replace them every 150 Mm.
I came off that idea when I realised that it'd probably take very strong elecromagnets for braking. But what about acceleration? Would it be possible to accelerate a car with electromagnets like you accelerate particles in a particle accelerator?

Any math genius out there?


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From: Esden
2006-12-24 00:09:54 +0100

This accelerator with electromagnets is called electric motor. And the decelerator is also called alternator. The technical buildup is practically the same in both cases. So you could use the same devace for both. And this is done in Hybrid motors. When you decelerate the kinetic energy of your car drives the electric "decelerator" producing power that is being stored in batteries in your car. When you want to accelerate the "accelerator" gets the power from batteries generates magnetic field and drives your car forward. And because your car can not be a perpetuum mobile. You have to provide energy from outside. And because charging monstrous bateries in your car is not so convinent you have a normal motor in your car that provides the nessesary additional energy. ;)
Nice stuff this hybrid systems. Using the same electric device for accelerating and decelerating your car. And storing the energy you want to "destroy" when you decelerate.
But still nice idea of yours. Sadly others already had it.

From: blindcoder
2006-12-24 10:45:22 +0100

Just goes to prove that the idea wasn't really bad ;-)

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