Benjamin Schieder


2006 November 26

I recently set up psyBNC on a remote server so that I can connect to IRCnet from my home machine. I can't connect directly, because I run a Tor server on it and the IRCnet servers use a blacklist listing Tor nodes and immediately refuse a connection. The sanity of that will not be discussed here.

Instead, I want to show a message psyBNC gives somewhat regularly:

15:33 <-psyBNC> WARNING ! Move the file salt.h from the shell to a safe place

Well, first, that file is
-rw------- 1 blindcoder users 1442 Nov 24 09:54 salt.h

so it's as safe as it gets.
Second, 'from the shell'. I don't get that. The shell has nothing to do with the filesystem. Or relatively nothing.
Lastly... what is a safe place?

I'd so love to see some good software again...


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Tags: TechSucks psyBNC Tor