Benjamin Schieder


2006 September 18

The KDE i18n packages are really interesting to debug. At least with regard to their installation paths.
For that, they use two configure/Makefile variables:


Now one might think that those directories may be the same for a translation package, and indeed, they are. By default, they point to /usr/share/doc/HTML. Err, wait... what? They document HTML?
No, they document KDE in various languages. Or so I think. At the very least, there's a small problem: They share files with the l10n packages. This is bad because the ROCKLinux scripts complain loudly about that.
Now I wanted them to install into /usr/share/doc/<package name>/HTML to keep them from interfering with each other.
In the configure file I found that the kde_libs_htmldir variable is filled with output from
kde-config --install html --expandvars

so I made it so that kde-config returns a path to my liking. Still, the files went to /usr/share/doc/HTML.
Upon further investigation, I found that kde_htmldir is not filled the same way as kde_libs_htmldir. It simply assumes a default of ${datadir}/doc/HTML.

I don't yet know how or why this is done in such a braindead way. But for now, it works and I'm not gonna mess with it.


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