Benjamin Schieder


2006 August 08

An Essay by Paul Graham titled 'Why Nerds are Unpopular' delves into the horror that is school for Nerds. If you consider yourself a Nerd, a parent of a Nerd-to-be or just concerned about violence in school among pupils, read the essay now.

The article raises a few good points:

  • The 'popular' people in school are working each and every second of their life on being popular, while nerds don't have the time for that. They're busy becoming more intelligent.
  • School is an artificial environment, a closed society with no way out before you graduate. It has no common goal to achieve and everyone works (fights?) on his/her own.

To me, the essay also raises a few questions:
  • With school being the horror it is, why is there still the obligation to attend school?
    In Germany, you must send your kid to school. You are required to do so by law. You may not teach your kid at home, even if you would stick to the official curriculum.
  • Why don't teachers care about violence among pupils?
    Yes, I say it as I experienced it: Teachers don't care. Even if you stick their noses on it like you would with a dog that just shit on the carpet, they don't care.
    They resign in front of the problem with the excuse people have brought forth throughout the ages: 'What could I possibly do?'
  • What can Nerds and their parents do to improve the situation?
    Well, I don't know. The only answers that come to mind are the obvious ones. Gang up and boss the head of school around until he realizes the problem. I'm not saying solve, because the solution would probably include a radical revamp of the school system. But he must be made aware of the problem. And he must be made aware that it's not just one or two pupils that can be singled out as 'problem childs that refuse to integrate'. Get 15, 20 or even more Nerds and their parents and go to the head of school. Together. All 40 Parents and all 20 Nerds. Enough to open a separate class maybe.
    Elite class? Whatever. At least it would help the Nerds learn better if they are not distracted by the 'popular' kids during class.


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