Benjamin Schieder


2006 July 21

Through a blog post which appeared on Planet Symlink I learned about AdLogger which is a set of Javascript and PHP code giving more detailed information about AdSense clicks. Sounds nice? Sure does!

But this isn't about AdLogger - at least not directly. I have a problem with AdLogger and wanted to contact the community around it for some help. Unfortunately, they use phpBB for that.

Putting aside that there's rarely a week without yet-another-security-problem reported in phpBB I had to jump through these hoops just to get my account created:

- Create a new e-mail address
- Enter a CAPTCHA (which as we all know don't work anyway, I also know that from first-hand experience)
- Wait until a mail arrives
- Copy a long URI from that mail into a webbrowser
- Wait until the webserver on the other end responds
- Login again, because that URI ('email validator') doesn't do that automatically for you

Let's see, that was around 5 minutes that don't bring any value to the Board-Administrator and just work for me. Can someone explain to me what the value is in here?

Aside from 'Customer threatens with purchase'.


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Tags: TechSucks