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2006 February 01 | 3 comments

Due to recent events I think I need to explain it once more:
If you are using anonymising services, no matter if it's AN.ON, the CCC Anonymizer or The Onion Router you have to watch your language! Especially if you want to use figures of speech.
Even more specific: You can not just take a german figure of speech and translate it literally into English. This just doesn't work most of the time. And if you do it anyway, people can figure out that you are from Germany.
If you want to use them anyway, look up their proper translations first. There are lists of translations online (for example: University Marburg (A-K) (L-Z)).

On the other hand, you can of course do it to confuse people into thinking that you are from Germany when you actually are not. This requires practice, of course.


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From: Anonymous

Are you kidding? If you're worried that much, I'd suggest staying offline. By the way, it's "cannot".

From: Anonymous
2008-02-25 03:44:59 +0100

He is not joking. While this may not be much help in identifying someone given no other information, it can go a long way toward matching two identities a person uses, possibly including a non-anonymous one.

From: Anonymous
2008-02-25 03:57:14 +0100

In fact, I shall go further, and say that I have successfully unmasked someone from an anonymous IRC network using this method (coupled with stylistic idiosyncracies and a tendency to refer to similar, seemingly insignificant things under two names).
Trust nobody.

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