Benjamin Schieder


2006 January 19

I've been using KDE for a few months now and decided that it might be about time to dump mozilla for Firefox and kontact. Kontact was easily set up but for one thing: E-Mail encryption.
With Mozilla, it's a matter of installing enigmail.
With mutt, it's a matter of installing gnupg and sourcing a conf file from your ~/.muttrc that is delivered with mutt.
So I thought, it can not be that difficult to get it running with kmail. And if all else fails, KDE should be big enough to have a decent support for its users. Damn, I have never been more wrong.

The first thing that I was wrong on was that it should be quite easy to get encryption working. This nice piece of crap that calls itself a HowTo on getting encryption working with kmail is what I found. HELLO? Running daemons? Editing my gnupg configuration? WHAT THE FUCK?

Well, this directly led me to the second thing I was wrong at: a helpful KDE community.
I queried ChanServ on freenode for info on the channel #kde and decided to join there. I stated my version of KDE, my distribution, what I wanted to do and my problem. The problem still being that kmail does not find PGP or S/MIME support in pgpme. Since gpgme was not available when kmail was built on my machine I simply wanted to know if I have to rebuild the kdepim package or if there is another problem. I could also have asked my plush Tux. The amount of responses would have been the same.
I then decided to rebuild kdepim even though it takes about an hour. That's when I realized that while all my installed KDE packages were version 3.4.2 the ROCK packages were already updated to 3.5.0. Hoping against hope I asked again in #kde if that would pose problems or if it would work. Hello, plush Tux.

I'm kinda thinking about going back to mozilla + IceWM right now.


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