Benjamin Schieder


2006 January 12

Okay, I think I'm about as concerned about my privacy as everyone else here.
I don't like being video surveilled wherever I go, I stopped paying with plastic whenever possible, I don't use 'customer cards', I use tor for my online activities and GnuPG for my e-mail communication. Yes, I also lock my doors and close the blinds so the boy across the street who just got his new binoculars for christmas will not see my now poster of a laughing hyena near my bed. I even delete 'tracker cookies' once a week.

Still, all you 'privacy activists' should start focusing on some real issues and not stampede over the fact that iTunes suggests you songs from the artists and their genre you like. Turn off that box and all's well. Actually, I hope that they evaluate that data properly, too. At least there's hope then that 'Idol' and all that crap they produce will vanish into a dark spot of history soon.

There are certain privacy areas that I think are a lot more important than ITMS wanting to sell some more songs. If you need examples, watch the Presentation 'We lost the war'.


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