Benjamin Schieder


2005 December 15

Okay, so now I'm really, absolutely, totally and throroughly pissed at the EU. Not that I wasn't already, but now there's no going back anymore.
After yesterday's Data Retention Resolution I've installed Privoxy and The Onion Router (tor).
Since having to prepend most commands with 'torify &t;command>' is quite a hassle, I've also started working on a bash source file which you can source from your ~/.bashrc with '. tor_aliases' which creates aliases and function that wrap around the normal commands for convenience. So, instead of typing 'torify irssi' you just call 'irssi' as usual. Or instead of 'torify ssh -C <foo>' you continue using 'ssh -C <foo>'.

You can find this nice piece of code over at And if you have suggestions/bugfixes/enhancements to that file, send them over to me. Preferable in a GnuPG encrypted E-Mail. You can get my private key with the command 'finger | gpg --import' (no, I'm not afraid of getting spam, my filters are very, very fine).


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