Benjamin Schieder


2005 November 26

Oh boy, no wonder everybody's getting bulemic. If - like me - you need waist size 42 there's just no fucking way to buy any jeans!
I've spent the better part of the day going from shop to shop, from New Yorker over C&A to Peek and Cloppenburg... only two shops actually HAVE size 42 and the rest stops at 34 but starts at 27. On the question if I got myself stranded in the children's part of the shop the people there glared at me like I just said their newborn baby looks like Satan or something.
And the trousers at the shops that actually have my size aren't really something worth buying. Either solid black or solid blue. So, simply absolutely boring clothes. COME ON! Every other size has jeans in every possible combinations of colors, from washed-out-blue to dirt-brown-mixed-with-washed-out-blue.
Why are we obese people being ignored?


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