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2005 November 17 | 1 comments

Okay, this is an idea I had recently which is - to me - so simple that I can hardly believe noone has done this already:
An 'Internet Dating Cafe'.

No, I don't mean a matchmaker website. What I have in mind is this:
A cafe with all the usual stuff: Drinks, food, cocktails, music, atmosphere... all this stuff. And additionally, there is a computer inside the table.
So, the table would have a glass window through which you can peek upon a monitor. You have a keyboard below the table which you can use. On the monitor you have a login window where you can either register a new account or just log in. Registering should required nothing more than your first name, a username and a password.
You will then get an email address in the form "12345@berlin.internet-dating-cafes.local" or something and can use this to send and receive mails to and from that cafe only!

So, let's see this with a practical example:
I go into that cafe, order a Tequila Sunrise (I just love that drink), get out a book I've been reading and start relaxing. After an hour I look up from the book and see this cute girl over at another table.
Good and well, but I'm horrible when it comes to starting a conversation in this situation. So instead I log in to the system and have a look at the plan of the cafe with all the tables and my table highlighted. I then know which table that girl sits at and tell the system to send a message to her. I can then use a pre-composed message or write my own and optionally put this message into the pre-composed messages pool.

I think this could attract quite some attraction because you will only see people who frequent the same location so they probably like the music that is playing this day.

You could also do all sorts of other stuff with the account like add an image from a built-in camera, send the message pseudo-anonymously in a way that ensures the recipient doesn't know who sent the message but can still reply and all sorts of nifty stuff.

Hasn't anyone thought of this already?


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From: Violist

Excellent idea! But, it needs catgirls somewhere...

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