Benjamin Schieder


2005 November 05

Do you ever get the feeling that you feel ashamed for belonging to the same human race as other people? Well, I did once again today. Why? I had to share the metro train with a whole bunch of soccer fans for about 5 minutes.
I really don't mind it if people are singing and shouting and making noise and stuff. Being in a great mood is - well - great.
But, you know, there really are people who don't give a shit about soccer. They don't want to hear your shouting about how sex with a woman you don't even know will grant your favorite club a success. And I really, really, REALLY don't want you behaving like a stampede that the whole metro train is shaking and about to jump out of the rails in a futile attempt to increase the quality of the human gene pool.

On the topic of stupid people. When I had a walk through a few parts of Berlin today I noticed that there was Yet Another Demonstration against Hartz IV. I wanted to take a few pics of it but was then asked to not publish them from some staffer. Actually, it doesn't surprise me. The whole demonstration was touted as a 'megademonstration' and called a 'Montagsdemo' (Monday demonstration) in a futile attempt to sound great like the Mondaydemonstrations that led to the peaceful demise of the DDR. Actually, they're just a cheap copy for an inferior motive. Oh, and anyone wonder about today's day of the week? It's Saturday...
Anyway, I talked to a few people there and it seems that around 40-50% of the people at the demonstration were staffers!
On my way back home I found several busses filled with 'demonstrators'. I wonder how many of them really were demonstrators and how many of them were people you can pay to participate in demonstrations. Professional Demonstrators if you will. Sounds like a good business plan. I'll sue anyone who implements it!1!!


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