Benjamin Schieder


2005 November 01

Hello. Thank you for reading this. My name is Benjamin Schieder and I'm going to tell you something about what 'solutions' are all about.
First, the solutions you're going to read about are not the kind of solution you can dissolve stuff in like you can dissolve sugar in coffee. The solutions here are the kind that you can put a problem in and it magically vanishes, being solved. To be even more specific, you're going to read about computer problems. No no, not the 'I can't find my start button' kind of problem. Rather the 'I want to make my computer do what I want it to do instead of only tell it to do what the options allow me to do'.
If you read the last sentence carefully, you'll notice something in there: Make the computer do what you want it to do instead of telling it to do what the options allow me to do. Yes, this means programming.
No, I won't teach you how to program. Well, maybe I will, but it will be a nice side-effect. What you'll see here is how to solve problems.

So much for the introduction of what I plan to be a regular occurance here. I currently aim for a bi-weekly [Solutions] tag. I already have a few things I'm going to show you, even though the first topic (due Saturday, 5th November 2005) will be mostly theoretical stuff.
If you have a problem you would like to see a solution for, don't hesitate to send it to me and I'll see whether I can put it on display here within a reasonable timeframe.

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