Benjamin Schieder


2005 October 26

Recently I had a small talk with Esden about some buzzwords that I kept hearing lately.
You know, I always wondered what 'Middleware' was supposed to be. Just from the name, I'd guess it would be the pins in the cables that my software goes through on the way to the hardware. After I talked to Esden I'm now sure that it's just a fancy name for 'toolkit'.
From what I gathered, a 'middleware' is something that sits between the frontend and the backend. A perfect term for 'toolkit' if you ask me. But it seems you can't sell toolkits anymore today - probably because there's already an overabundance of just about type of toolkit. So you need to invent a new, flashy name for the same old stuff.

Speaking of buzzwords, I need some AJAX. The bathtub needs to be cleaned again, it's been a while. Oh, you mean all this isn't about the cleaning utility that I'm so fond of? Well, I'll be damned...

Another favorite of mine: Ruby on Rails. Not that I'm a fan of train simulators, but it's always nice seeing a game being programmed in something else than the 'usual suspects'.

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