Benjamin Schieder


2005 October 23

I have been to the Berlinux 2005 the last two days. Berlinux is a local Linux Event here in Berlin organised by the BErlin Linux User Group BeLUG.
I've attended a few talks there.
First about Linux Desaster Recovery. That means: what to do when your server 'vanishes'. If you now say: I have all the data on the machine replicated elsewhere you probably mean: I have a tar of the root filesystem and everything beneath that. Well, what about ACLs? Partitioning? Stuff like that. You'll probably be sitting on your machine for a few hours to install a machine that has 'vanished'. Fear no more, there's help on the horizon: mkcdrec
According to Schlomo Schapiro, the referee, mkcdrec backups all that information and creates a bootable CD/Floppy/Tape/whatever which you then insert, boot, have a coffee or two or more and the machine is back alive. Then you insert the 'normal' backup and everything is fine. mkcdrec also plugs into other existing backup solutions seamlessly. I need to have a look at that.
I attended a few other talks, but this was really the single most interesting to me.

I also had a nice talk about project forks. Well, for some time I thought that project forks suck for a number of reasons:

  • Gets users confused
  • splits up developers
  • work will be duplicated

But what really got me surprised was when I asked for the single most stupid reason for a fork. He then first cited the over 80 forks of phpBB and then the answer to my question:
Some devs wanted space indention instead of tab indention

I was really lost for words there.


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