Benjamin Schieder


2005 October 17

I finally started that "Wall mountable Binary Clock" project that I've been preparing for some time. Unfortunately, I don't have a camera so there won't be any pictures any time soon.
The first thing I did was design a circuit using KSimus (get the circuit here). I used several binary adders, AND, NAND and OR stuff to get the counting right. The binary counters would count to 16, but they need to run over at 10 and 6 for seconds and minutes and at 10 and 24 for the hours.
So, what I started with was getting the wood panel where I will have the display on. If you have kBinaryClock running, you know how it will look like. For the rest, here's an Ascii Art:

o o o o o o
o o o o o o
o o o o o o
o o o o o o

That's how I want it to look. So I first checked how big I can make the holes for the light which turned out to be no bigger than 8cm diameter. But then the holes would touch each other, so I reduced the diameter to 7.4cm which is just fine.
Using a pocket rule I drew dots where the center of the holes will be.
I then took an empty can which used to be the home of wasabi coated green peas (which has a conveniont 8cm radius) and using a can opener I removed the bottom. So now I had a can with a big hole in the bottom and a transparent refastenable lid. Using an Edding I put a dot into the middle of the lid.
For each of the 24 holes I now adjusted the dot on the wood and the can, held it down tight and drew a circle around the can.
As I said before, the holes would be 7.4cm diameter and the can is 8cm. So I arranged it in a way that the circles touched each other just barely.
Today I got me a hole drill with a 7.4cm diameter and will actually put the holes into the wood soon.


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