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2005 October 08 | 1 comments

or: Just another dream for the vast majority.

(Note: with this entry I'll start offering OGG and MP3 files of me reading my rants (podcast if you like). I know you don't care but I don't care if you care :P)

I just read about Illiads (the guy) new book "How to be a cartoonist and pay your mortgage too." According to the subtitle it also applies to blogs, podcasts or whatever webcontent you want to offer.
Really, I have to admire him for that. Putting "create something people are interested in, put banners on it and offer bannerless for-pay access" into enough words to fill a book is a strike of genius.
It also reminds me of a german book with the title "Ich mache sie reich!" ("I'll make you rich!") with a flashy suit, eh, guy in a suit pointing towards you and the suit waving like in a strong wind. I'd really like to know how many copies of the book sold.
How many people are there really that think that some guys best interest is making you rich? At 39 Euros for the book at the time I tend to believe the only thing that guy was interested in is getting rich from selling people a book with at best common knowledge.

This is like reading spam mails. No, not the 419 scam mails, we all know those. No, much better.
I've started reading all the spam mails that get through spamassassin just so I know which settings to tweak. That resulted in HTML mails getting 10 points immediately now (4 are necessary to go to spam hell), but I digress.
There's been one mail that got through just like Illiads new book. The "Erfolgsmacher" ("Successmaker") newsletter. That spam came complete with a referrer tag in the link and all that nice stuff.
I admit, I've been curious about what common sense this guy would be preaching so I opened the page (without the referrer part).
Well, I don't know what I was expecting but those expectations were met: "I'll make you successful" was printed metaphorically in three feet high flaming letters over the page. Oh, and of course this little treasure:
We don't use spam mails to advertise our services. Any spammail you might have gotten is unrelated to our services.
Anyway, I had nothing else to do so I might as well sign up and try to find out how this guy wants to rip me off. Set up an extra mail account for this and registered. This way I got into a "members only" area of the website where he - guess what - wanted to sell me some "exclusive" material on how to make money.
Oh, and do you want to know what he told me to do to be successful? No? I'll tell you anyway.
Do something that generates income even when you stop doing it!
Well, I don't know... maybe... write a book and try to sell it using spam and get a catchy name like "Successmaker"?


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From: Piotr Esden-Tempski

Weeee! Now I know what I have to do to have a bath full of money!
Thanks Blindy ;)

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