Selecting a credential provider in a standalone Windown 2012 server

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tl;dr 12:37 < blindcoder> fcu kthis piece of shit fsckcrap windows bbullshit crap fuck 12:37 < blindcoder> I'm so fcucking SICK of windows 12:38 < blindcoder> all I want it for anRDP session to get the login screen SERVERSIDE 12:38 < blindcoder> so I can choose another credential provider 12:38...

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We developers are afraid of our users

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Someone mentioned this a while ago, and although my first reaction was outright refusal, after a while I had to accept it: We developers are (or at least this one is) afraid of our users. Why do I say this? Because it’s true. I can show you at a simple...

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Reading Steps From A Medisana ViFit Connect Pedometer

18 May 2015 | Read more... | 0 comments

As mentioned before, I am working on fiddling out the protocol and how-to read/write data from/to a MediSana ViFit Connect Pedometer. Today, I finally figured out how data is being retrieved. First, when you request data, you get 96 datasets back. This translates to 96 quarter hours, starting at 00:00...

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ViFit Pedometer

29 Apr 2015 | Read more... | 0 comments

I’m currently trying to read the data from a Medisana ViFit connect via Bluetooth LE so that I don’t have to share them with a T-Mobile cloud where god-knows-what happens to it. After enabling an hcitool dump on my Android phone and running a sync from in there, I got...

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Chemnitzer Linux Tage 2015 - Wrap-up

22 Mar 2015 | Read more... | 0 comments

Dieses Wochenende war ich auf den Chemnitzer Linux Tagen und aergere mich, dass ich jetzt 8 Jahre lang aus terminlichen Gruenden nicht kommen konnte. Ich hoffe, dass der Termin Ende Maerz beibehalten wird. Dieses Jahr war ich auf drei Vortraegen: Git Workflows im Alltag von Valentin Haenel Hier bin ich...

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